I’ve had creme brûlée on the brain for the last few days. I’m planning to make it very soon.

BUT… I just filled up my torch and my trigger finger is itchy. Coincidentally, I saw a post & video clip from Bon Appétit that spoke of the wonders of brûléed soft boiled eggs. I decided to try it out for myself.

The process is pretty simple. Immerse eggs in rapidly boiling water for 5.5 minutes, then immediately dunk them in an ice water bath. Peel and then slice in half. Sprinkle the yolk with salt and then liberally with granulated sugar. Use a brûlée torch to melt, brown and crisp up the sugar. Enjoy!

Brûléed Soft Boiled Eggs

Brûléed Soft Boiled Eggs with berries, crackers hummus & cheese

My results were less than elegant–the eggs didn’t peel very easily for me–but were still pretty tasty! Boiling the eggs for 5.5 minutes left the yolks thickened but still runny but torching the sugar firms them up a bit. Still, if you’re squicked out by anything less than a fully hard boiled yolk, this might not be the egg for you. The video from BA describes the results as ‘egg fudge’ and I think that’s just about right. Thick, rich and smooth with the sweet crunch of the brûléed sugar, they were quite a treat. I enjoyed them for a late meal with strawberries, red pepper hummus, cheese and a few crackers. Delicious!

Here’s the original video from Bon Appétit: