Cooking with Flavor Bombs by Giovannina Bellino

Cooking with Flavor Bombs by Giovannina Bellino

I’m intrigued by the idea behind Giovannina Bellino’s Cooking with Flavor Bombs.

Ever seen the little frozen cubes of garlic at the grocery store? Or made a compound butter? This… takes those concepts a step further. The official issue Flavor Bombs are available online and in some stores on the East coast. For the rest of us? We’ve got the Flavor Bomb cookbook.

According to the publisher’s description:

Flavor Bombs are incredible blends of savory, sautéed aromatics, fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices, or stocks and sauces that you make in advance and freeze in ice cube trays. So go ahead and take advantage of those fresh vegetable and herb specials at your local market! With the Flavor Bomb secret, you stock up, chop up, and drop the “F” Bomb in every dinner, for an instant flavor explosion.

So dramatic! An instant flavor explosion! 🙂

The bombs are classified three ways: Herb Pesto (basil, rosemary, sage, etc), Vegetable-blend (umami, sofrito, mirepoix, etc), and Stock and Sauce (bechemel, beef stock, veggie stock, etc). There are quite a few that I could see myself using on a regular basis. The Holy Trinity. The umami bomb. The basil bomb. But… this requires planning and commitment. Like a gym membership, what if I pay the dues but then just don’t use it?

The cookbook has over 200 recipes. But honestly, I’m finding myself focusing in on the bombs themselves and how they can supplement some of the recipes on my playlist. Still, I think I’ll test drive a few of the book’s recipes. You never can tell when the next gem will make itself known. And, while I don’t mind prep work, this could be a time saver in the kitchen.

Rather than formulate my typical ‘To Make’ list, I think I’ll just state that I’m planning to start out by dipping my toes in the Flavor Bomb waters. I’ll start out with the sage bombs, since I have sage growing in the herb garden and it would be delicious with some pork loin. And, since I’m a big fan of using mushrooms to add savory flavor, I’ll also make a batch of the umami bombs.

I’ll keep you posted!

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