Will We Ever Kill the Bug? (Part 1)

The answer, I hope, is no. I come from a Volkswagen family. Between us, we've had Rabbits, Golfs, Beetles, Super Beetles and New Beetles. My brother, in particular had '65 and '74 Beetles in high school and college. Funny story. Long before he met his wife, Bro was...

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i70Swap Project Update: Hazel the Hedgehog

And my version of Hazel is done! She's not perfect as this is the most complex block I've attempted to date and my first appliqué ever. Nonetheless, I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out. [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium"...

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i70Swap Project: Hazel the Hedgehog

I love myself a swap. When I was more active on Ravelry, I organized and participated in many. When I saw the KC Modern Quilt Guild was organizing a swap with the Saint Louis Guild, I wanted in. The idea? Basically, I sew a block. Said block gets sent to my secret...

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Krisy’s Super Awesome Union Jack Quilt!

FedEx brought me a present today and I couldn't be more excited. A few weeks ago, I finished up a Union Jack quilt that I started as a gift for my cousin Krisy, a dedicated Anglophile. After finishing up the top, I sent it off to be longarm quilted by Heirloom Quilts...

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Finished! Stella’s Napping Quilt

Because if you're a border collie named Stella, you need to nap in comfort. That and I'm just the kind of gal who'd sew quilts for my friends' pets. This smallish quilt is the first one that I've completed from start to finish. I sewed the top, quilted it and applied...

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A Napping Quilt for Stella

I'm not feeling too wordy today. So... New project! Doggy napping quilt for a sweet border collie named Stella. Fabrics below! Continuing... finished top! Colors interpreted poorly by my phone. Too lazy to color correct. Better pix after I quilt it. Say hi to Oscar!  ...

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Lilliput Fields Quilt (or table runner? or tote bag? or…)

And so I continue on with a new project... After finishing up Charlie's Spiderman quilt, I started assessing my (rapidly growing) fabric stash. I picked up some Lilliput Fields by Tina Givens for Free Spirit Fabrics from Missouri Star after seeing it on sale and...

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Charlie’s Spiderman Quilt

And... quilting project #4! I offered to make a quilt for my friend Pete's godson Charlie. Charlie, like a lot of kids his age, is into super heroes. For this quilt, I zeroed in on Spiderman, thinking that I could have it quilted in a spider web pattern. Charlie has a...

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Krisy’s Union Jack Quilt

Onto Project #3! My cousin Krisy is a dedicated Anglophile. And when I was cruising around the innerwebz, I found that Riley Blake has a line of Union Jack panels and fabrics. I snagged one of each of the below and set them aside, until I was done with the Moose...

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