I am constantly intrigued by recipes that have unexpected and unusual ingredient lists or cooking methods. Sour cream ice cream? Yes! Brûléed grapefruit? Yes! Black bean brownies? Umm… don’t go there. So not good. Trust me on that one.

So while I was cruising around in Food52’s Genius recipes, I came across a recipe for a sweet potato caramel with only one ingredient. Yup, you guessed it. Sweet potatoes. My ears perked up. Suddenly I was eyeballing the sweet potatoes on the counter with renewed interest.

I had mixed results. The original recipe says that you should get about one and a half cups of liquid which should reduce down to about a quarter of a cup. Yeah, that’s a lot of work for a quarter of a cup. Still, I was determined. What I got was about half a cup of liquid from the sweet potatoes and the finished product was a few tablespoons worth. The quantity was disappointing.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato with Sweet Potato Caramel

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato with Sweet Potato Caramel

Comparing this to the pictures on the original recipe from Bon Appétit’s website, my sauce was much darker. Given the color and the fact that I got about a third of the liquid the recipe, I am turning a suspicious eye to the sweet potatoes. They came from a grocery store and they were purchased a few weeks ago. They certainly weren’t spoiled… but they weren’t exactly fresh. I’m going to keep an eye out for sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market. I’d like to try this again with fresher tubers.

Still, the resulting sauce was very good. Dark, rich, earthy. It reminded me a bit of molasses. It was good drizzled over gelato and I would happily thin it out a bit as a sauce for pork. I tried it out without adding anything to it but I think a bit of butter would be nice. On my next go, if I make a version that is a little lighter, I might add in a pinch or two of cayenne.

I will post my version of the recipe once I’ve gotten a result that I’m happier with. In the meantime, the original can be found here.