This past weekend, I had lunch at a biker bar out in the Kansas countryside. You might find yourself asking “now, what was Andrea doing at a biker bar?” The answer is that I was having a damn fine steak.

Hog Holler is one of those places that I probably never would have discovered had it not been for Facebook. I belong to a few local foodie groups on FB. People are constantly chatting about where they’ve noshed and where they want to nosh. Local restaurants frequently post specials and chat with customers. This is, more or less, how I came across Hog Holler. They’ve been on my To Try list for many weeks but this past Saturday wound up working out well. I was going to be in the area and I didn’t have to work.

Before I describe what I ordered, let me say that the night before was a wild one for the folks at HH. The owner had posted info about a seafood special and it went locally viral. They got slammed and slammed hard. They got 10X the customers they were expecting or prepared for. A blessing and a curse, I think.

We showed up when they opened at 11:00. I was impressed with how gracefully they had recovered from the night before. We were greeted the moment we walked in the door. There was a a good vibe in the air. I can’t speak for how rowdy the place might get at night but the lunch service was pretty mellow. I wouldn’t have any problem taking some of the younger members of the fam there during the day.

Onto the good stuff. We started out with fried green beans for an app. It was a tough choice because their list of appetizers looked amazing. They were served up fresh. Good crunch and flavor. I think they had a cornmeal batter, which would also be crazy tasty on onion rings. (Strangely enough, they didn’t seem to have onion rings on the menu.) My guess is that even veggie haters would like these. They weren’t served with a dip so be sure to ask for some if you want it.

Hog Holler Saloon - Fried Green Beans

Fried Green Beans

I ordered the KC Strip special. It came with a salad, a steak, one side and a roll. The salad was… a salad. The veggies were fresh and crisp. The onion was surprisingly sweet and didn’t have much of the sharp bite raw onions typically have. I got blue cheese dressing on the side. I love myself some blue cheese and am a blue cheese dressing snob. Theirs didn’t disappoint. (It would be a good partner for the above-mentioned green beans.)

Hog Holler Saloon - Salad


Onto the main event! The KC strip. Oh, what a steak. It was an excellent piece of beef. I ordered it cooked to medium-rare. The grill master seasoned & cooked it perfectly. It had a good char from the grill and the inside was tender. Damn fine, indeed. The mashers were smothered in a peppery chicken gravy. Yum. Nothing needed any additional seasoning. It was a near-flawless plate of good, solid food.

Hog Holler Saloon - Grilled Steak with Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Steak with Mashed Potatoes

The buildings and grounds themselves have plenty of charm, as well. Ever been to a theme restaurant with decor that is kitschy in a forced kind of way? Hog Holler’s eclecticness (is that a word?) is pretty much the real deal. It feels authentic to me. I covet the corrugated metal ceilings in one of the rooms.

HH hosts plenty of events, including lots of live music. Check out their Facebook page for more info on their specials and goings-on.

Hog Holler Saloon
9252 Apple Valley Ln
Ozawkie, KS  66070
(785) 271-2070
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