With my own block completed and sent off to Saint Louis, I’ve received my swap partner’s block. Since it is a secret swap, I’ll be posting more detailed color pictures after the finished projects. For now, I’m keeping it B&W so as to not identify my partner. Anticipation is part of the fun, no?

Anyhoo, my partner specified that she’d like a tote bag. After snooping around, I found the Alice Book Bag from Betz White.  My plan is to work the block into the front flap of the bag.

Alice Book Bag from Betz White

Alice Book Bag from Betz White

Below are the fabrics I chose, in greyscale. (I greyed out the pic to keep the secret aspect going as long as possible!)

Challenge #1: I have a swap parter who mentioned that she loves bright, modern colors but used a more muted & earthy color palette.

Challenge #2: Her block is sewn perfectly and is a little intimidating! I’m scared I’ll futz it up!

I can’t do anything about Challenge #2, other than to do my best. But I did stop by Stitching Traditions this morning and picked up some fabric that I think will bridge the gap between modern and traditional color palettes nicely. My anxiety has mostly been replaced by excitement!

More to follow!

i70Swap Fabric - In Greyscale

i70Swap Fabric – In Greyscale