I lost my knitting mojo, y’all.

Why? Oh, gosh. Probably a combination of reasons. Busy at work. Taking classes to get another degree. Stress. Working on ‘obligation’ projects that I really didn’t want to do. And, perhaps not least, a really horrifyingly terrible experience with an online knitting group. I just had to walk away for a while. I honestly don’t remember when the last time was that I picked up a knitting project and really enjoyed what I was doing.

So time passed and I took some time away from knitting and Ravelry. (All of this is no reflection on Ravelry itself, BTW. I adore Rav and really appreciate how smartly has has been developed.)  A online friend of mine mentioned the Loopy Ewe’s Academy project and suggested that it might be a good way to jump back into knitting. Learn a few techniques. Work on projects totally of my choosing. I thought about it and decided to give it a go.

This is being run similarly to an Academy in that it is going semester by semester. First Semester, Freshman Year’s projects:

  1. Cowl in a multi-colored (defined as 2 or more distinct colors in the same skein) or self-striping fingering weight colorway
  2. Hat from a designer new to you, in a Sport or DK weight
  3. Mittens in a solid or semi-solid colorway in a worsted weight

Each project must use at least 175 yards. All projects need to be complete with pictures uploaded to the official photo gallery by December 31.

I spent some time snooping around the TLE website and selected the following lovelies. All of these yarns are new to me. I’ve got The Fibre Company’s Road to China Light in Blue Tourmaline, Dream in Color’s Jilly in Fortune and Lorna’s Laces’ Haymarket in Island Blue.

I’m still working out the projects. Current thoughts are Maria Olson’s Grey Havens Hat for the Road to China, Bristol Ivy’s Sallah Cowl for the Jilly and Jared Flood’s Grove mittens for the Haymarket. There are some other dark horses in the running so I reserve the right to switch things up as we go. In the meantime, tonight I plan on figuring out what my first project is going to be for sure and getting crackalacking.