Just a quick note… this weekend was the first weekend of the year for the Topeka Farmer’s Market. I had to go into the office so I wasn’t able to visit. However, I did get a care package delivered to me in the form of a kalua pork & cabbage plate lunch from Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch, a food truck making the rounds in the Topeka area. (I’ve been noticing more food trucks around town lately. Planning to do a little more snooping on the subject soon!)

For $9, the plate lunch included a generous serving of pork & cabbage, mac salad, rice and a cup of soy sauce. The pork was crazy good and nicely cooked. It had a hint of smoke and soy, and the cabbage had a good char. I wasn’t a fan of the mac salad–I found it to be a little bland–but the pork more than made up for it.

Planning to hit up the farmer’s market myself this weekend. Will report back soon!

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Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch - Kalua Pork & Cabbage