Recipe: Beef Pepperoncini (Crock Pot)

After a hiatus, it is time for another edition of Breakroom Cookery, otherwise known as Andrea Feeds The Work Dudes. I always know that I've got a hit on my hands when one of the Dudes tells me something I've made is "effing awesome." Beef Pepperoncini is one of those...

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Recipe: Greek Meatloaf and Jalapeño Tzatziki Sauce

(small update... there was a typo in my recipe. It was COUSCOUS not couches!) This Greek meatloaf has been on my recipe playlist for several years. Greek food is sadly underrepresented in Topeka and I miss having a good gyros every now and then. This really scratches...

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Brûléed Soft Boiled Eggs

I've had creme brûlée on the brain for the last few days. I'm planning to make it very soon. BUT... I just filled up my torch and my trigger finger is itchy. Coincidentally, I saw a post & video clip from Bon Appétit that spoke of the wonders of brûléed soft...

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First Try: One Ingredient Sweet Potato Caramel

I am constantly intrigued by recipes that have unexpected and unusual ingredient lists or cooking methods. Sour cream ice cream? Yes! Brûléed grapefruit? Yes! Black bean brownies? Umm... don't go there. So not good. Trust me on that one. So while I was cruising around...

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Recipe: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce

I've had Marcella Hazan's three-ingredient tomato sauce bookmarked for a while and, over the last several months, I've seen it popping up everywhere. Websites, blogs, even in a sale flier I received from a natural foods store. I figured it was time to check it out for...

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Recipe: Chickpea Stew with Saffron, Yogurt, and Garlic

A recipe for a smooth and elegant Chickpea Stew with Yogurt, Saffron and Garlic. This is a quick recipe that is also easy on the wallet without sacrificing either style or substance.

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Recipe: Beer Mustard Sauce

I am a mustard fiend. With the exception of cheap yellow mustard, I sample/collect them like nobody's business and I usually have several different mustards in my fridge and pantry at any moment in time. Currently, my collection is Trader Joe's heavy. TJ's Hot &...

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Downtown Topeka Farmer’s Market

I spent part of the morning at the Downtown Topeka Farmer's Market this morning. It is still a little early in the growing season but there were still a lot of wonderful fruits and veggies to choose from. There were a few food trucks (shout out to Noble House and...

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Feeding the work dudes…

Today I fed the Work Dudes. I do this, every once in a while, for fun and perhaps a bit of the ego boost on days that I really get it right. The Dudes are free with their compliments and it does a girl's ego good to hear that her food is 'effing awesome.' Effing...

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