Krisy’s Super Awesome Union Jack Quilt!

FedEx brought me a present today and I couldn't be more excited. A few weeks ago, I finished up a Union Jack quilt that I started as a gift for my cousin Krisy, a dedicated Anglophile. After finishing up the top, I sent it off to be longarm quilted by Heirloom Quilts...

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Recipe: Kale & Butternut Squash Salad

Despite having posted tales of pound cake gone awry and some fabulous kumquat sauce, I have actually done quite a bit of healthy eating lately. I have Trader Joe's and Food52 to thank for this, I think. I've been scheming to educate myself more about food & really...

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Recipe: Elderflower, Kumquat & Lime Sauce

It all started out with me being short on ingredients. You see, I just wasn't paying attention to what I had on hand. I decided to make a pound cake and just never noticed that I didn't have enough granulated sugar. I already had a pound of butter whipping around in...

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Magic Mushroom Powder & The Spice House

So let's talk about a little bit of brilliance called Magic Mushroom Powder. You know how when you take a big bite of something and it is just right? Everything is balanced and the seasonings are on point... and it is so flippin' good that you want to start calling...

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Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch – Topeka, KS

Just a quick note... this weekend was the first weekend of the year for the Topeka Farmer's Market. I had to go into the office so I wasn't able to visit. However, I did get a care package delivered to me in the form of a kalua pork & cabbage plate lunch from Noble...

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NOTO Burrito & Bunker Coffee – Topeka, KS

It has been a stir-crazy, cabin-fever kind of day. I worked but it was a slow day.  I decided to call in reinforcements from the outside world and meet me in the NOTO Arts District for lunch. NOTO is really blossoming; I love seeing all the new stores, galleries &...

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Kim’s Restaurant – Topeka, KS

UPDATE 6/25/15: Sadly, Kim's has closed.  So you put a long day in at work and come home with no desire to cook.  What's a girl to do? If you're me, you go to Kim's Vietnamese Restaurant. (109 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605. (785) 267-4200) Fast. Friendly. Reasonably...

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Finished! Stella’s Napping Quilt

Because if you're a border collie named Stella, you need to nap in comfort. That and I'm just the kind of gal who'd sew quilts for my friends' pets. This smallish quilt is the first one that I've completed from start to finish. I sewed the top, quilted it and applied...

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The Burger Stand – Topeka, KS

I told my mom that I'd cook dinner for her tonight. Umm... yeah, that didn't happen. What did happen was a trip out to the Burger Stand, a place in the College Hill neighborhood of Topeka. (1601 SW Lane Street, Topeka, KS 66604.  785 783-8900. There is also a location...

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