My Favorite Things: The Library

I was waiting in line at the grocery store this weekend and happened to overhear a conversation between two young ladies, probably both in their early twenties. One was wishing she had more wiggle room in her budget for entertainment. The other agreed. Myself, I...

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Recipe: Brodo di Parmigiano-Reggiano

You might have wandered into this post after seeing the associated image and wondered what it has to do with Brodo di Parmigiano-Reggiano. Or you might also be wondering what Brodo di Parmigiano-Reggiano is. The answer to the second question is Parmesan broth. I like...

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Comfort Food: Spinach Casserole

I always find it interesting how much food is tied up in our identities, both personal and cultural. Comfort foods and how they work their way into people's psyches fascinate me. My own chosen comfort foods are all tied up in memories of good times rather than the...

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Recipe: Gooey Butter Cakes

Ah, gooey butter cake. You sweet, sweet thing, you! Before I get into details, here's a little something about gooey butter cakes that you should know. Paula Deen didn't invent them. Sure, you google 'gooey butter cakes' and her name is attached to many of the...

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Breakroom Cookery: Crock Pot French Onion Soup

I bought 50 pounds of onions this weekend. Yup. You read that right. 50 pounds. Once again, I may have overdone it. That seems to be my signature style. If we're going to be friends, you should probably know that about me. You should also know that I cook a lot for my...

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Quickie Sewing Projects: Tube Pillow Cases

I have been a pillow case making fool lately. Why? Umm... I don't know. Maybe because I'm a little OCD about projects sometimes. And maybe because this is a fun & quick project that only needs a little more than 1 yard of fabric. These have all gone to various kids....

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Recipe: Spicy Chicken Soup

Soup weather is upon us, possums! Or at least it is for those of us in the Midwest. With weather in the 60s during the day and 40s in the night, this is the time of year that I enjoy soup the most. I decided to kick off Soup Season this year with a big batch of Spicy...

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60 second pasta? Yes!

Confession. I love gadgets and novelty ingredients and I'll try just about anything once. Sometimes this works out beautifully. Other times I'm left with egg on my face, both literally and figuratively. When I saw a video on cooking dried pasta in 60 seconds on Jerry...

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Break Room Cookery: Cubano Sandwiches

The other day I got a serious jones for a Cubano. Having lived in Florida for a number of years, I used to get them on the regular. Not cookie cutter national chain versions of a Cuban sandwich but real, honest-to-goodness Cubanos made in a small mom-and-pop cafe...

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