I like to refer to this particular recipe as one of the most evil desserts in my repertoire. Indeed, it made of 100% creamy, alcoholic goodness. Heavy cream. Sweetened condensed milk. Bailey’s Irish Cream. Kahlua. Whisky. Cookies. The resulting pie is rich and decadent.

If you want any more good news, it is remarkably simple to make.

The original recipe called for Hydrox cookies and they recently became available again. I happened upon some at a local grocery store, in fact. Don’t hesitate to use Oreos, Newman-Os, or whatever chocolate sandwich cookies you get your hands on, though. And since I’m mentioning the original recipe, it was originally Grasshopper Pie. See recipe notes below.

Duckfart Pie

Duckfart Pie

Duckfart Pie
  • 1 pack of Hydrox or Oreo cookies. Coarsely crush around half of them. You can eat the rest.
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp Kahlua
  • 1 tbsp Bailey’s
  • a splash of good whisky
  1. Put roughly half the crushed cookies in a 9x9 pan (or pie plate) and pat them out to form an even layer.
  2. In a mixing bowl, whisk the sweetened condensed milk with the liquor until mixed.
  3. In a separate bowl, whip the whipping cream until it forms a stiff peak.
  4. Gradually fold the whipped cream into the condensed milk/liquor mixture.
  5. Smooth out across the cookies. Sprinkle the rest of the cookies over the top. Freeze until set.
You should be able to slice and serve this in wedges or blocks. Unless, as I did once, you decide to experiment and put a lot of extra liquor in. If you do that, it won’t set up. In that case, serve it like a milkshake. It is just as good if you have to drink it through a straw.

Airline bottles are the perfect size for this. Just FYI, if you don't keep the liquor on hand and don't want to buy big bottles of it.

You can sub just about any creamy drink formula for the liquor. For example, for Grasshopper Pie, use green Creme de Menthe and white Creme de Cacao. Just keep the amounts relatively close to the called-for amount.