Kyoto Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Topeka, KS

I am no expert where Asian food is concerned. There is little that I can tell you about what is truly authentic vs. what just tastes good. And Kyoto? Their food tastes good. My dining parter and I decided to order different entrees and sample each other's. Since...

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Hog Holler Saloon – Ozawkie, KS

This past weekend, I had lunch at a biker bar out in the Kansas countryside. You might find yourself asking "now, what was Andrea doing at a biker bar?" The answer is that I was having a damn fine steak. Hog Holler is one of those places that I probably never would...

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Pepper Patch Mexican Restaurant – Carbondale, KS

Just a quick post about the Pepper Patch Mexican Restaurant in Carbondale! I had dinner there tonight for the first time. I've been planning to do so for a while now but my schedule hasn't been playing nice. Today just happened to work out. I'm not feeling too wordy,...

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Chic A Dee Cafe – Topeka, KS

Every town has them. The little hidden Mom & Pop gems hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the city. Chic A Dee Cafe is one such place. As far as restaurants go, they're a little off the beaten path. They're located on east 6th St in Topeka, across the street...

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Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch – Topeka, KS

Just a quick note... this weekend was the first weekend of the year for the Topeka Farmer's Market. I had to go into the office so I wasn't able to visit. However, I did get a care package delivered to me in the form of a kalua pork & cabbage plate lunch from...

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NOTO Burrito & Bunker Coffee – Topeka, KS

It has been a stir-crazy, cabin-fever kind of day. I worked but it was a slow day.  I decided to call in reinforcements from the outside world and meet me in the NOTO Arts District for lunch. NOTO is really blossoming; I love seeing all the new stores, galleries &...

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Kim’s Restaurant – Topeka, KS

UPDATE 6/25/15: Sadly, Kim's has closed.  So you put a long day in at work and come home with no desire to cook.  What's a girl to do? If you're me, you go to Kim's Vietnamese Restaurant. (109 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605. (785) 267-4200) Fast. Friendly. Reasonably...

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The Burger Stand – Topeka, KS

I told my mom that I'd cook dinner for her tonight. Umm... yeah, that didn't happen. What did happen was a trip out to the Burger Stand, a place in the College Hill neighborhood of Topeka. (1601 SW Lane Street, Topeka, KS 66604.  785 783-8900. There is also a location...

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Sylas & Maddy’s – Lawrence, KS

Mmm... Ice cream! We popped over to Lawrence to have a late night dessert at Sylas & Maddy's. (1014 Massachusetts St.) I had been reading about it on Yelp and thought it would be fun to try. Good ice cream. Very good ice cream, in fact. This would be a great place...

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The Southern Star Cafe – Topeka, KS

Ever had one of those nights when you didn't feel like cooking but did feel like eating? Yup, me too. My mom suggested that we go out together and mentioned trying out the Southern Star Cafe, a new place at the southern end of town. (5900 SW Topeka Blvd,...

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