Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Rick James. Super Freak. It’s a classic, what can I say?

OK, so back to the topic at hand. Freekeh and Dan Barber’s One-Ingredient Crackers. This is another recipe from Food52’s Genius Recipes. Ready for it?

Puree a cup of cooked whole grains, spread it thinly on a lined baking sheet, cook for 2 hours at 300 degrees F.

That’s it. I tried it. It worked like a charm, producing crisp and rustic-looking crackers.

Uncooked Freekeh

Uncooked Freekeh

In the book, Chef Barber recommends farro or freekeh. Though I’ve been hearing about it for some time, I’ve never tasted nor prepared freekah. Indeed, other than it being a grain, I didn’t really know what it is. Wheat. It is durum wheat harvested while still green and then roasted. It is a good source of protein, fiber and essential nutrients such as selenium, potassium and magnesium. After tasting it, I found that it reminded me a bit of cooked barley with just a bit of a smokey flavor.

Since I was working on a few different projects at once, I thought I’d try it out in a pressure cooker to save some time. I couldn’t find much info online about pressure-cooking it. I wound up using the recommended water to grain ratio (2.5:1) and put it in my InstantPot on the multi-grain setting.  Let’s just say that the grain got cooked. It was a little on the gummy side. It worked just fine for this purpose since it was to be pureed. If I decide to use the freekeh as I would rice or another grain, I’ll do it on the stove.

Moving on… a few notes.

  • These are incredibly easy and I’ll be trying them again with different grains. Think it would work with quinoa? I believe I’ll find out!
  • I’d really recommend using an offset spatula to spread the puree. You’ll make things much, much easier on yourself.
  • Though Chef Barber doesn’t specifically recommend it, unless you’re on a low-sodium diet, you wouldn’t go wrong to sprinkle these with some sea salt. Some other herbs and spices would be nice too, depending on what you’re serving them with.
  • The books says these are nice served with the hummus or herb jam recipes in the book. I’ll  be trying that in the future. They both have to be better than the processed port wine cheeze spread that I had on hand. (I’m not proud, even if the cheeze is a kind of pretty shade.)
One Ingredient Crackers

One Ingredient Crackers (slumming it with some processed cheeze spread)