Sloshies by Jerry Nevins

Sloshies by Jerry Nevins

Sloshies! HA!

I have to say, I was really quite excited when I was approved to receive an advance copy of Sloshies by Jerry Nevins. I have a family reunion coming up in July and what better time to serve up boozy frozen cocktails than the middle of the summer heat?

My excitement turned to absolute glee when I learned this was from Jerry Nevins of Snow & Co, a Kansas City-based frozen cocktail bar. I love being able to support and promote local. I love it even more when they get it SO FLIPPIN’ RIGHT.

This book. I love it. From the design, which is smart and easy to browse, to the recipes, which sound fantastic. As I mention below, I want to make pretty much everything in the book. But I think I’d start in the Tart section and try out the Cha Cha Bucha, lovely combination of lemoncello, kombucha and vodka. Or maybe a Limey Bastard?  Lemon, lime, cucumber liqueur, and gin? From there, I’d move into the Sweet section and serve up a Floaty McFloat Face. Root beer, whiskey, Irish cream. Moving into the Spiced section, the Ginger Grant is calling my name. Ginger beer, gin, and cranberry bitters. And on. And on. And on.

Oh Jerry. You’ll make a lush out of me yet. And I’m looking forward to every sip.

On My ‘To Make’ List

  • EVERY SINGLE DRINK. Sorry I can’t narrow it down further. I want to make EVERYTHING IN THIS BOOK.

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