I wanted to take a moment to share this hella awesome note that I got from one of my co-worker’s kids. Knowing that their family are all huge KU fans, I sewed the kids a few Jayhawk pillow cases and, via their dad, sent them home stuffed with big fluffy pillows.

(Side note: I’ve made a ton of these for family and friends’ kids. They’re awesome and quick little projects.)

A few days later, their dad came to work and gave me this:

Thank You Note

Seriously? How awesome is this? Their dad reports also that the kids wrote the note unprompted. Are these great kids or what? I have to be totally honest… I’m absolutely tickled to get texts and instant messages with thanks. (With bonus points for action shots!) However, I’m totally impressed at having received a written note from them.

Acknowledgement and thanks… they go a long way! 🙂